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Services Offered

Educating the Immune System towards Childhood Infectious Diseases & 

Immune System Training before Traveling Abroad

HomeoDetox: pesticides, vaccine & other environmental detoxification protocols

Homeopathic Consultation Appt. Fee  Initial visit: $160  

NST (Neuro-Structural Tech) Bowen Bodywork $70

EFT (Emotional Freedom Tech) $70

Health Products: From the bounty of Nature


Waiver:  Homeopathy and other Natural therapies work to balance and enliven the body's vital force and in many cases, improvement in health is reported.  No claims are made of diagnosing, treating, curing or preventing by Fourfold Wellness or Mary Baenen. If any of these words were to be used, it would be from an outside source, or to quote a study . Membership is required for services. 

Questions?  Email fourfoldwellness@gmail.com

Available for Group Presentations

  • Homeopathy for Use at Home
  • Immune System Education 


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Mary Baenen C.Hom, C.HP

Certified Homeopath

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Program Supervisor

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