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Homeopathy balances and wakens the curative forces on a physical, emotional and mental level. Discover what homeopathy can do for you. Based on “Like cures Like”, if a substance can make a healthy person ill, it can also be used to make a person who is ill, in a similar way, get better.


Homeoprophylaxis (HP) for safely and effectively educating the immune system towards infectious disease prevention. Childhood infectious Disease Kit & Customized Travelers Kit for Traveling Abroad

NST / Bowen Bodywork

Structural alignment, relaxation, pain relief and improved ability to perform at work & sports --Gentle, yet powerful soft tissue Neuro-Structural Integration Technique

Autism CEASE Therapy

CEASE Therapy, founded by Tinus Smits MD for reversing autism spectrum disorders. works by clearing out the body's energetic field  from the imprint of toxic substances or diseases.



Healthy Baby

Electro-Magnetic Radiation


Mary Baenen C.Hom, C.HP

Certified Homeopath

Other credentials:

CEASE Therapist
Supervisor of Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Program
Advanced NST/Bowen Bodywork Therapist

Mission Statement

I strive to meet your needs as a unique individual. My goal for you is that you reach your highest potential in health and wellness so that you may live your life to the very fullest.


In-office visits by appointment at 231 N 3rd Ave Suite 105 Sandpoint Idaho     Call (208) 597-7151

Homeopathic Consultations and Homeoprophylaxis Supervision are also available by phone.