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Homeopathy balances and wakens the curative forces on a physical, emotional and mental level


Homeoprophylaxis (HP) has been shown to be safe and effective for infectious disease prevention.  

NST / Bowen Bodywork

Structural alignment, relaxation, pain relief and improved ability to perform at work & sports --Gentle, yet powerful soft tissue Neuro-Structural Integration Technique

Autism CEASE Therapy

CEASE Therapy, founded by Tinus Smits MD, used for reversing autism spectrum disorders.



Healthy Baby

Electro-Magnetic Radiation


Mary Baenen HMP, C.HP

Certified Homeopathic Practitioner

Other credentials:

--CEASE Therapist
--Certified Supervisor of Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Program
--Advanced NST/Bowen Bodywork Therapist

Community Service: Threshold Choir

Mission Statement

I strive to meet your needs as a unique individual. My goal for you is that you reach your highest potential and that you live life to the fullest.


In-office visits by appointment at 231 N 3rd Ave Suite 105 Sandpoint Idaho     Call (208) 597-7151

What if you're not in Sandpoint?  Homeopathic Consultations and Homeoprophylaxis Supervision are also available by phone.