Autism CEASE Therapy

Overcoming Obstacles to Cure


CEASE Therapy is the result of the research of Tinus Smits MD. His goal for complete healing led him to develop a specific type and use of homeopathy along with Naturopathic to address cases, such as, autism, allergies, and gut issues.  Because of his amazing success with addressing autism, Dr. Smilts chose the name CEASE, for Complete Elimination of Autism Spectrum Expression. 

Tender Years


Exposure to chemical substances that are foreign to the human body, including medications and vaccinations, have become more and more the cause of illness. It is extremely important to take precautions for an infant's developing organs and nervous system. CEASE addresses detoxification of environmental toxins such as heavy metals, vaccines, medications, etc.  Please compare Homeoprophylaxis to Vaccinations. Homeoprophylaxis safely educates children's immune systems against childhood infectious diseases without the added adjuvants, chemicals, heavy metals, foreign DNA, etc. 



1 in 6 children in the United States has a developmental disability.

Autism has increased as the US Vaccine schedule has increased. 

CEASE has become popular for it's effectiveness in reversing the symptoms of autism.  

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Fees for CEASE Therapy


Initial CEASE Session

No claims are made for complete elimination of autism spectrum disorder. Perhaps the medical doctor who introduced CEASE was enthusiastic when naming his protocol as to some results he seen from it's application. CEASE aims to help the body detox from environmental toxins. It is helpful if you bring your child's vaccination records and a list of any medications or other toxic exposures that you are aware of. 

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CEASE Protocols & Follow-up Sessions

The amount of toxin exposure and your child's health condition will determine the amount of sessions and protocols. Each Protocol takes approx. four weeks to complete.


Dedication & Patience

Although prompt amazing changes have occurred with CEASE therapy, on the average parents note small, but accumulative changes. As toxins are being cleared from the body, there can be symptoms that appear as setbacks. These are normal with CEASE work and will resolve.  CEASE work is a process that cannot be rushed.  Dedication to the process and patience is needed so as not to force the process.