Healthy Baby

Before Conception

Your child will have the best start if both parents receive constitutional homeopathic care and detoxify toxins before conceiving a child.  When planning a family avoid pesticides, herbicides, alcohol, and drugs including vaccinations. Homeopathy is often useful for helping parents to conceive. 

Why Home Birth?

Statistics show natural home births to be ideal for bringing a healthy child into the world. Find a qualified midwife before or shortly after conception.  

Statistics show that more babies die the first day of life in US hospitals than in every other industrial nation combined.  US is the only nation that vaccinates babies the first day of life.

Protect Your Child From Toxins

US Statistics show: 

1 in 12 children have eczema

1 in 2 children have autoimmune diseases

1 in 6 children have a developmental disability

1 in 4 children leaving elementary school are on a pharmaceutical drug

Toxins in vaccines includes aluminum, polysorbate 80, antibiotics, animal and human proteins. How much is too much? US Vaccine schedule recommends 72 vaccines before 18 years old. 

Glyphosate in Round-Up, used on commercial crops is a carcinogen. Many foods are now genetically altered, including corn, soy, canola and cottonseed oils. These also get into human food from meat, eggs and dairy when these products come from animals fed GMO crops. 

The latest toxin, often overlooked in our high tech world, is electromagnetic radiation from cell towers, WiFi, cell phones and other wireless devices. Children on the autism spectrum often improve when WiFi is removed from the home and other wireless devices are removed.