Homeopathy for Optimal Health


What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a form of natural medicine that uses substances in Nature -- from the plant, mineral and animal kingdoms. It is based on a natural law that “Like cures Like”. This means if a substance can make a healthy person ill with a particular set of symptoms, it can make a person who is ill with a similar set of symptoms, to get well. 


Assisting the Body to Heal

Homeopathy is given in minute doses that are potentized in a special way to assist the body to heal. Emphasis is on restoring the balance of bodily functions and strengthening individualized forces to live one's life to the fullest possible. Homeopathy does not suppress symptoms like drugs or surgery, but works to support the body's natural healing abilities. 


Highly Individualized

Homeopathy is highly individualized. Three people with a cold, for example, may each need a different remedy.  It depends on how the particular disease is expressing in the individual. Homeopathy is there for acute disease as well as chronic diseases.