Homeopathy for Optimal Health


What is Homeopathy?


Homeopathy was developed in the 18th Century by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. In his work, he refined Hippocrates' principle of  "like cures like“, known today as the Law of Similars. The Law of Similars states that any substance that can produce a state of disease can also cure that same disease. A person’s symptoms, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical are used as a guide to select the remedy that will evoke the healing response. Homeopathic remedies come from substances in the natural world, plants, animals, and minerals. They are safe and non-toxic.

Please note that homeopathy does not treat disease, but balances and strengthens the body's vital force. It is always your body that heals.


Assisting the Body to Heal

Emphasis is on restoring the balance of bodily functions and strengthening individualized forces to live one's life to the fullest possible. Homeopathy does not suppress symptoms like drugs or surgery, but works to support the body's natural healing abilities. 


Highly Individualized

Homeopathy is highly individualized. Three people with a cold, for example, may each need a different remedy, depending on how the body is expressing the symptoms of the cold.  

 Homeopathy is available for acute as well as chronic conditions.