Homeoprophylaxis (HP) Program - vaccine alternative

What's all the buzz about Homeoprophylaxis?


Is there an alternative to exposing your child to heavy metals and other toxins in conventional vaccines? Homeoprophylaxis or HP is a method of educating the immune system towards infectious disease, while preserving children’s health. HP is an alternative for vaccination for infectious disease protection without the risks that come with vaccines. HP enhances normal childhood development by gentle immunological stimulation. If you are looking for an alternative to vaccines, consider Homeoprophylaxis. Certified Supervision is provided for this official HP Program, based on the original HP protocol set up by Dr. Isaac Golden. In Dr. Golden's 15-year clinical study he found children on his program healthier across the board when compared with children unvaccinated and children vaccinated conventionally.

For more information on Homeoprophylaxis read the book, The Solution, by Kate Birch and Cilla Whatcott.

Why Do We Need Another Way?


I encourage parents to take time to do their own research on the vaccine issue. The choices we make for our children can effect them the rest of their lives. 

You are missing important information to make an educated decision if you have not yet included in your research, The Vaccine Toxins Calculator  https://vaxcalc.org/, or watched the documentary VAXXED, The Movie http://vaxxedthemovie.com/  or Dr. Golden's study on Homeoprophylaxis,  

Dr. Isaac Golden's 287 page study (PDF) of clinical research published in September 2004: 


See Excerpts of Dr. Golden's study results - ->

Have you been harassed because of your decision to opt-out of a vaccine?  Post a public report of your harassment here:  http://www.nvic.org/Forms/Cry-For-Vaccine-Freedom-Wall.aspx

The Research: Prophylaxis with Homeoprophylaxis


Excerpts of Dr. Golden's study results:
—   In relation to asthma, immunizing a child with HP alone was 15 times safer than immunization by vaccines, and 6 times safer than doing nothing for immunization.
—  In relation to eczema, immunization only with HP was 7.4 times safer than immunization with vaccines and 2.8 times safer than doing nothing about immunization.
—  In relation to  allergies, immunization only with HP was 5 times safer than by vaccines and 2 times safer than no method of immunization.
—  The incidence of asthma (3%) in children who were immunized only by HP was well below the national average of 19%.
—   The incidence of behavioral problems in children immunized by HP was extremely low compared to the other methods of immunization.

—  Overall 90.4% effectiveness of HP

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) for Children and Travel


HP Program for Children

Fourfold Wellness is dedicated to keeping children's immune systems healthy and providing affordable access to Homeoprophylaxis. You may enroll your children 1-month and older in the HP Program.  Children should be in good overall health before starting the HP Program. If unwell, see your Homeopath for constitutional care before starting the HP protocol.  HP Fees include: Membership in FHCi (Free & Healthy Children International) which includes Newsletter, Official Up-dated HP Kit, Initial Phone or In-Office Consultation, Brief supervision for length of program (by email or phone). If desiring more supervision, please note and include when filling our your HP Forms. 

HP Program Available to Families by Office-Visit or Phone-Consultations

We aim to keep our prices affordable to all families. 

Call or email your HP Supervisor today at Fourfold Wellness today! 




International Travel HP

'HP Doses' should be taken before travel. Ideally, please set up an appointment several months before travel to allow enough time for you to receive and complete your customized HP Travel Protocol before your trip. 


HP Program Membership

The HP Program is provided by certified HP Supervisors through FHCi (Free and Healthy Children International).  FHCi is a private membership association whose members seek to help each other achieve better health and good quality of life.