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Homeopathic Consultations


 Homeopathy works by balancing and awakening the vital force on a physical, emotional and mental level. 

Discover what homeopathy can do for you. 


Consultation fee: $160

Homeoprophylaxis (HP) - Immune System Educator


You deserve choices. Fourfold Wellness offers another way to train the immune system towards specific diseases.  Find out about HP for your child, or HP travel kit to educate the immune system towards foreign diseases during the months prior to travel. 


Why do we need a different way? 

EMF Blocking Solutions - EMF Meters


Is RF frequency radiation from WiFi, cell phones, etc. detrimentally effection our health?  Yes! 



My favorite RF  meter that measures wireless devices, cell towers, etc. is the Acoustameter. For a lower priced combination meter, my choice would be the Cornet Basic RF Combo Meter. 

The Silver Jersey fabric has a nice soft knit feel. SwissShield Wear has the feel of a nice dress shirt. The Naturell is a very light see-through cotton for summer body cover, curtains and bed canopies.

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Optimizing Alignment of the Body



Structural alignment, relaxation, pain relief and improved ability to perform at work & sports --Gentle, yet powerful soft tissue Neuro-Structural Integration "Bowen" Technique.  Your body functions optimally when in alignment. This is a very gentle technique that gets results fast. 

Appointment Fee: $75 

or sign up for 3 sessions for $200

Vaccinosis? Environmental Toxicity?


Help for reversing neurological, physical and emotional injury due to vaccines, herbicides and other toxins by clearing the imprint of toxic substances and supporting the body nutritionally. Based on the work of Dr. Tinus Smits MD.  

Contact Fourfold Wellness for an appointment. 


Appointment fee: $160